Satisfy Your Cravings the Nyonya Indulge Way!

KayaNYA (200gm)

🇲🇾 Daily Homemade Kaya, for everyday spread staple in every Malaysian household and made to be an on-point housewarming or festive gift!

✔️ Natural Flavoring
- Made with DUCK EGGS, freshly extracted coconut milk infused with pandan leaves & palm sugar. Stir over hot charcoal for 6-8 hours to produce that smooth & 'GAO' texture, making the kaya exceptionally fragrant and rich.

✔️ Natural Colouring
- Extracted from pandan leaves, blue pea flower, beetroot & sweet potato.

💯 100% Muslim-Friendly
- Made based on the traditional Malacca Baba Nyonya recipe handed down more than 30 years ago.

💯 Money Back Guarantee
- We at NYA take pride in our customer satisfaction because we only provide the best quality to meet the tastes of our customers. Give us your honest opinion, we are confident enough.